Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Skills and Guy Claxton

I have read your notes from the Claxton presentation and have 'highlighted a few points/questions.thoughts below.  I enjoy our 'debates' - it is great to be challenged and feel passionate!!


"Drop language that identifies ability level of individuals. There current level of performance is not a reliable measure for what they will ever be able to achieve." - Does this relate to what we discussed today?  Should we be assessing learning skills (the how we learn) and giving achievement labels as we do now with APE when each skill and the achievement of our students is going to look different in each contexts that it skills are used in?

"No competition between test scores and key competences. Focus on competences increases achievement, and is not at the expense of achievement."  - Are key competencies not skills?  The skills that we use to increase our achievement?  If teaching is structured appropriately and skills are planned for effectively and systematically then the skills will increase achievement.  What is Claxton suggesting achievement is here?

"These are the learning muscles in BLP. Some are refined since the book." - Also written about in Marzano's Dimensions of Learning from the 90's. Not all the same though.  Also relates to Habits of Mind (Art Costa)

"Busy happy children is necessary but not sufficient." - The way that inquiry has been delivered in the past lends itself to this statement.

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