Sunday, 2 August 2015

Future Theorising and Effects on Society

Thomas Frey
Great to hear someone who isn't a doomsayer and in generalities I agree.  The problem with future theories is that they are all valid theories until one is proven correct sometime in the future.

I felt there were a number of assumptions here where automation could not replace humans.  However the types of activities described are not paid employment such as cleaning out a family attic.  While I agree we wouldn't get a robot to perform this type of task it is also not likely to be paid employment for the same reason.

Also that the inherent abuser of society for personal gain will be tempered by ethical family is a difficult idea to push as the family wealth is tied to the unethical practices and even their world view of right and wrong is distorted by the environment in which they are raised.

I did like the connection made between the consumer and supplier being co-dependent, but always the power of one will out strip the other.  this seems like a commitment to the trickle down effect which is well and truely debunked.

I also wonder about the effect, not just of automation, but the ability to automate.  If all countries pursue technologies to automate (look at the rapid rise of personal 3D printing) then trade between countries seems more likely to be based around raw commodities to be able to produce and intellectual property such as downloading the new Windows 10.