Wednesday, 7 October 2015

How do you show evidence of effectiveness in difficult's a good start!

I am in absolute admiration of you.  In my role as leader and in my own life I have always found difficult conversations difficult.  To be present when you were undertaking this today was awe inspiring.  You were brilliant - calm, fair, forward thinking - yet not allowing the person you were talking to you side track, and solution seeking.

I know it can't but it is a shame that a conversation like this could not be video recorded and used for leadership training with our future leaders.  It is such a hard area to master.

Vicky Sime
Vicky is a very experienced teacher, currently working with students with special needs (GATE and Learning Support).  She has been a Learning Leader and remains a Union Rep for NZEI  in which she has been active for many years. The email above came about following a difficult conversation with a staff member in which she was present.  Vicky was more than happy for me to share it.