Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Where are we going?

The journey so far:
Our school has an inquiry based curriculum, but it is too cumbersome and difficult to implement.  This lead us to the inevitable review.  We turned to the International Conference on Thinking, where we tried to find a theorist we could relate to, with what we were trying to achieve.  After two years of work with Lane Clark we arrived at the conclusion that a review was not going far enough.  We couldn't get past the premise that all teachers need an understanding of how the brain makes meaning and acquires new knowledge.
We are currently looking at a large number of theorists including Robert Marzano, Guy Claxton, Bruce Perry, Art Costa and more.  the more we research the further back we go.  Surely any curriculum must first be based upon what we know about the human brain, before we look at processes or content.

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